Border Control

One of the most difficult tasks today – continuous protection of predetermined perimeter and identification of accidental and/or intentional trespassing.  

The LPP presents modular solution for effective & continuous perimeter areas 

  • Simple user interface for autonomous and semi-autonomous operations
  • Fully integratable into the C4ISTAR / C6ISTAR architecture
  • Vide variety of modules for different conditions
  • Suitable for mobile and/or fixed deployments

Stationary applications

  • Provides longer detection ranges , non-stop operation and multi layer approach
  • Supports high-performance modules which require constant connection
  • Suitable for fixed and/or well defined perimeters and borders
  • Can serve as base/central node for mobile nodes

Mobile applications

  • Suitable for fluid conditions and difficult border areas.
  • Mainly based on mobile platforms with multiple interconnected nodes.
  • Supports medium-range detection modules, working from mobile power sources. 
  • Can serve in smaller groups or as an extension (reaction force) for stationary nodes.