Complete Soldier Solution

Soldiers and peacekeeping forces can be effective only when they are confident. The confidence is built by the experience, equipment and teamwork.

We provide, not only the high-quality equipment, ranging from weapons, ammunition, communication, protection, but also the state-of-the-art night-vision and thermovision devices. All this, furthermore, deepened by custom created training scenarios for increasing the confidence of trainees.


  • From handheld radios to the unit’s size manack units
    • Various frequencies U/VHF, AM/FM, HF
    • Built-in GNSS receiver for GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS
  • Included G-track systems for Blue-Force-Tracking (BFT) support
  • Reliable & robust design with increased E-War resistance and encryption
  • Compliance with all the military standards (MANET, Mil-STD, STANAG, …)

 Weapons, equipment and accessories

  • Various types of weapons for all kinds of situations
    • Assault rifles, Snipers, LMGs, HMGs, Pistols, AT weapons
    • Compatible high-grade ammunition from renowned producers
  •  Wide range of specialized equipment for enhanced capabilities
    • Several models of Night-vision devices 
    • Thermovision devices from pre-lense clip-on to dedicated sniper sights 
  •  Multiple kinds of accessories for customer customization
    • Increased magazines, additional rails, flashlights, laser pointers, etc.


  • Various specialized overalls  military fatigues
    • Ballistic shirts 
    • Uniforms and specialized apparel
    • Complete riot protection equipment
  • NIJ 0101.04 compliant complete body protection 
    • Concealed vest for VIPs
    • Heavy vests for security force
    • Military grade plate carriers and plates
  • Additional accessories for vests and plate carriers

Specialized equipment

  • Cutting-edge devices for diverse conditions and locations
  • Wide range of helmet mounted, handheld and stand-alone devices
    • Gunshot detection and localization systems 
    • Single or dual channel night-vision goggles
    • Thermovision goggles and stand-alone ballistic calculators
    • Thermovision long-range observation devices with GPS and rangefinders

Training scenarios

  • From individual to team-sized tactical trainings
  • Various scenarios developed by experienced ex-military personal
    • CQB Tactics – Building entry and cleaning, Hostage situations
    • EOD/IEDD – Complex set of training from beginners to advanced
    • Open Fields – Convoy protections, ambush situations, driver schools

Custom based – Other kinds and modifications upon request