Modernization of MBTs

Protection, Mobility, Firepower, Integration and Survivability – these are the main problems, in which the original production series of any tank usually falls behind.

Our modular approach to the modernizations of any tracked or wheeled vehicle provides excellent opportunity for ageing, but still reliable and valuable machines. Furthermore, allows customer to choose from wide variety of devices according to tactical demands and budgetary limitations.

Main emphasis of modernization lies with improvement of Mobility, Protection, Communication and Surveillance aspects of the vehicle all them complemented by modern Vehicle Information & Battle Management System (VIBMS).

 All this can be implemented in several stages, allowing the involvement of customer’s own production capacities and opens up the possibilities of technological transfers.


  • Improvements of original autoloader system
  • Possibility of bustle ammunition storage
  • Integration of new fire control system
  • Rearmament to the NATO caliber 

Passive protection

  • Specialized camouflage patterns & radar-absorbing paints
  • Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) packages
  • Improved Side skirt armor packages
  • Standoff SLAT armor packages
  • Camo nets and 3D camo nets 

Communication & Integration

  • Introduction of Vectronics and Diagnostics systems
  • Installation of VIBMS with C2 capabilities
  • Integration in new C4ISTAR protocols
  • Modern radios of RF23 or RF40 series 


  • Improved fuel consumption characteristics
  • Improved torsion bars and suspension
  • Rubber-pad tracks for noise reduction
  • Improved HP/ton ratios 


  • Automatic and Semi-automatic transmission
  • Upgrades of original engine to 840HP
  • New engine with over 1000HP
  • Complete powerpack units 

Surveillance & Observation

  • Complete refurbishment of observation devices to (Gen3)
  • Installation of thermovision devices of Gen3+ and higher
  • Front and rear driver’s cameras for difficult conditions
  • New laser range-finder and gunner aiming systems
  • Commander’s panoramic sight with extended range  

Active protection

  • Improved fire detection and extinguishing systems
  • Smoke discharging system (coupled with LiWS)
  • Improved CBRN threat detection and protection
  • Gunshot detection systems with localization
  • Laser-illumination warning systems (LiWS)