Náše vize a cíle

Our main goal is to arrange a complete tailored solution according to the all customers needs. We do not only try to sell equipment, but provide a complete set of activities related to its acquisition. We do not want to supply only a part, we want to supply a whole.

Our product is development, production, integration and service. 

O Nás

Our company was founded in 1993 by former employees of the ex state institution which focused on the production of flight instruments. Their know-how has become the base of our activities which we have gradually expanded into other areas. In addition to flight instruments, we began to develop and manufacture vetronic systems for ground military equipment and instruments for land vehicles.Our Instruments are fully certified under EASA and most of the production is done in-house.

Aviation certificates:

Czech Government License

CZ National Security Authority Clearance

ISO 9001:2008

AQAP 2110 (ČOS 051622)


Czech Aviation Authority Certificate CZ.145.0055 pursuant EC No.2042/2003, Part 145<br />

czech Aviation Authority Certificate L-3-045/6 for testing of aircraft instruments<br />

Subpart F for maintenance of aircraft instruments<br />

Czech Aviation Authority Certificate CAA CZ.G.0024 pursuant EC No. 1702/2003 Part 21,

Subpart G for production of aircraft instruments

Czech Aviation Authority Certificate L-NP 013 for design of aircraft instruments<br />

Authorization MoD for the production of military aircraft No. MAA 044<br />