PR-15 Ground surveillance radar

Ground surveillance radar is man portable and provides long detection ranges transmitting low peak power. This solid-state, Pulse-Doppler radar, automatically detects moving targets out to 23 kilometers.

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The radar operates with high reliability, exposed to harsh field environment conditions, working according to an intensified profile of mission either day or night in any adverse weather conditions. PR-15 radar can be combined with an electro-optic (TV/IR) and Command and Control (C2) system to provide multi-sensor surveillance capability.


  • Portable unit;
  • Stationary fixed based operation;
  • Mounted on a vehicle.


  • Border protection;
  • Infrastructure protection;
  • Battlefield surveillance.
Beagle Ground surveillance radar

The highly advanced DSP technologies integrated in ‘Beagle’ differentiate between moving and stationary targets; determine the exact parameters of the detections and control the adaptive surveillance parameters during changing environmental conditions.

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The radar is controlled from the operator unit or command center. The radar’s control software is capable of utilizing various map formats and displaying the detected targets over the map. The software is designed in a user friendly way, it is easy to use even for untrained operators. The software supports the integration of this single radar into complex multisensor systems. Every surveillance data and user interaction is recorded and can be replayed for further analysis.

  • 5 minutes to set up and ready for operation
  • standalone or network usage
  • covers areas hardly approachable by vehicles
  • easy integration into systems
  • low weight, small dimensions
LightWave Solid-State radar

S-Band Solid-State Primary Surveillance low-cost, high-performance radar system. LightWave operates in two fundamental operational modes. 

  • When configured in its Low PRF mode, LightWave operates as a low cost, primary surveillance radar.
  • When configured in its High PRF mode, LightWave, in addition to operating as a surveillance radar system, also offers advanced radar imaging capabilities.
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High PRF configuration allows it to be an even more effective sensor that permits very difficult problems – such as mitigating the radar clutter effects produced by wind turbines.

  • Special Mission Surveillance
    • Border Surveillance
    • Gap Filling
    • Critical Asset Protection
  • Radar Upgrades
    • Service Life Extension (SLEP)
  • Airport Surveillance
    • Situational Awareness
    • Low Cost